Nowadays the ELI-ANCOR-Test is the best tool for cardiovascular diseases monitoring. It enabled objective laboratory detection of imperceptible and, as a rule, visually undetectable (echocardiography, CT scan, MRI scan, etc) molecular level preclinical changes (“molecular symptoms”) indicating initial stages of cardiovascular disease development in the examined.

ELI-ANCOR-Test enables visual monitoring of abnormalities progression when these have just emerged, when there are no symptoms and a patient feels well.

The possibility of detecting, by ELI-ANCOR-Test, cardiovascular diseases onset at reversible stages implies potential opportunities of prescribing relevant prevention and treatment measures that enable eliminating or reversing unwanted changes, instead of fighting the pathology already formed.

We offer an annual ELI-ANCOR-Test control and adherence to simple preventive measures that will protect your heart and vessels health for long.

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