Assessment of cardiovascular system

What is ELI-ANCOR-Test?
It is a particularised test that enables the assessing of cardiovascular system condition.
Why do we need ELI-ANCOR-Test?

We need it to detect abnormalities in cardiovascular system at the earliest stage, months or even years before these abnormalities can be detected by any other recent examinations.

Why is preclinical disease detection so important?

Because the earlier a disease is detected, the more likely that it can be managed, cured or even prevented!
How will an individual benefit from having ELI-ANCOR-Test done regularly?

An individual will:
  1. Have fairly and objectively assessed their heart and vessels condition by means of just a single test;
  2. Get more information about their cardiovascular system compared to having a large amount of the most recent examinations carried out;
  3. Take timely measures recommended by their practitioner to prevent further disease development in case of detecting abnormalities;
  4. Monitor developed cardiovascular disease progress by comparing the most recent test result with previous one;
  5. Trace clearly according to the test chart the effectiveness of prescribed treatment and timely get new recommendations from their practitioner in case of need;
  6. For a long time keep up good health, capacity for work and increase own life span.


How can you and the practitioner benefit from ELI-ANCOR-Test as opposed to other diagnostic methods?

ELI-ANCOR-Test is used in our innovative programme “Early preclinical detection of socially significant diseases”. It enables:

  1. Detecting cardiovascular system diseases (including Ischaemic Heart Disease, Chronic Heart Failure, etc.) at an early, preclinical stage, that cannot be done by means of any other most recent diagnostic methods;
  2. Monitoring cardiovascular diseases progress (evolution) fairly and objectively;
  3. Assessing the effectiveness of prescribed treatment clearly and adjusting it timely;
  4. Successfully conducting differential diagnostics of some cardiovascular diseases (cardiomyopathy, myocarditis, etc.).

You can get more specified information about ELI-ANCOR-Test here