Preclinical detection, full panel. Different human body organs and systems condition assessment based on 24 antibodies.

Nearly every single human is ill. But not everyone realises the fact. The idea of dragging around different medical practitioners, having an awful lot of tests done and getting various segmental advices from subspecialty consultants every time you feel a slight discomfort in your body hardly looks attractive. In that case everyone wants to have done such a test that could give a clear insight into one's health condition basing upon just a drop of blood. And scientists have developed the technology.

The unique biotechnological method ELI-viscero-24 enables to assess the condition of basically all organs and systems of human body: nervous system, myocardium, liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal and prostate glands, vascular system, blood platelet, immune system.

 Prophylactic check-ups by means of ELI-viscero-24 once or twice a year literally becomes the shield against diseases, as it prevents a disease from transforming into a deep symptomatic stage when curing appears long and exhausting and sometimes impossible.

Prophylactic check-up by means of  ELI-viscero-24 replaces traditional follow-up and significantly reduces the cost of medical examination. Think of the situation when a clinically healthy individual chooses to have a complete medical examination. On one hand, the person can have done computerised tomography, ultrasound, endoscopy and all the other tests listed in the table:

Список исследований

Conducting all these tests will take many days, energy of many medical practitioners, and the total cost of it will be extremely high. We shell also keep in mind that not all of these tests are really painless and harmless.
On the other hand, that individual's health can be tested by means of  ELI-viscero-24. I.e. by means of just one test we can get more information about that person's health condition than conducting all the above mentioned recent tests. And besides, the information will be obtained long before (months and sometimes years) the recent tests can detect an illness.

Case report

Patient A, 39 years old, male. Chose to have prophylactic check-up done. He had no complaints. However, ELI-viscero-24 detected significant excess of autoantibodies to insulin receptors. Further monitoring and subsequent series of glucose tolerance test during a year confirmed that he had abnormality of pancreas cells tolerance to sugar. As a result he was diagnosed with developing type 2 diabetes. The patient was advised on changing his diet and increasing his physical activities, the measures that would prevent a serious disease from developing.
The following case could be even more dramatic. Patient V., 64 years old, male. He felt all-right, however ELI-viscero-24 detected a significant excess of autoantibodies to DNA and certain blood serum proteins that was regarded as a reaction to malignant neoplastic process in his prostate gland. On the other hand, results of the standard prostate test PSA were within the normal limits. The patient consented to have done positron emission tomography (PET) that confirmed developing prostate cancer (cancer in situ). Thanks to the fact that the process was detected at an early stage, the patient was successfully operated on and fully recovered.

However, in case you are already ill ELI-tests will timely identify and prevent complications contraction. For example, if you suffer from diabetes ELI-tests will identify such developing serious complications as diabetic angiopathy, polyneuropathy, retinopathy and nephropathy. Or if you were diagnosed with cancer and had an operation ELI-tests will identify developing metastases at the very early stage and timely treatment can be provided.
Very often,  ELI-tests enable to clarify diagnosis for complicated clinically unclear cases.

Case report

Patient S, 58 years old, male. Complained about the heart area pains. Heart examination (ECG, cardiac ultrasound) did not detect any objective signs of myocardium lesion. At the same time by means of  ELI-viscero-24 signs of gastric wall changes were detected. The patient was referred to gastroscopy (Fibrogastroduodenoscopy) that confirmed gastric ulcer with pain irradiation to the heart area. Effective gastric ulcer treatment resulted in cessation of complaints. The patient fully recovered.
Patient D, 7 months old, male. Was diagnosed by pediatricians with cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, as a pronounced loss of muscle tone was observed. However,  ELI-tests did not detect in the baby the changes typical for cerebral spastic infantile paralysis, instead the increase of autoantibodies production general for myasthenic syndrome (that requires a totally different treatment) was detected. Due to new therapeutic treatment the baby got better.

According to the test results your doctor in charge will advise you effective prophylactic measures or prescribe you the treatment for the detected pathology.


Blood sampling for conducting ELI-tests is not permissible in the following cases:
  1. Acute infectious inflammatory diseases (viral or bacterial) during the last 3 weeks
  2. Acute condition of chronic infectious diseases during the last 3 weeks
  3. Any prophylactic vaccination during the last 8 weeks
  4. Antibacterial medication during the last 3 week