Assessment of whole human body by means of just a single blood test

What is ELI-Viscero-24 Test?

ELI-Viscero-24 is a screening test. It is a test for a quick full body check-up. It enables assessing the condition of all organs and systems of organs: nervous system, heart, liver, kidneys, lungs, digestive tract, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal and prostate glands, vascular system, blood platelet and immune system.

Why do we need ELI-Viscero-24 Test?

We need it for assessing our body condition once or twice a year to detect abnormalities at a very early stage, months or years before these abnormalities can be detected by any other recent examination.

Why is preclinical disease detection so important?

Because the earlier a disease is detected, the more likely that it can be cured or even prevented!

How will an individual benefit from having ELI-Viscero-24 Test done regularly?

An individual will:

  1. Have single test assessment of whole body condition;
  2. Save time having one full assessment, compared to standard methods requiring involvement of many speciality consultants;
  3. Get more information about your current health compared to the large amount of regular examinations such as CT scan, ultra sound, endoscopy, etc;
  4. Spend less on one full annual assessment compared to current multiple tests;
  5. Take recommendations from practitioner to prevent or cure a disorder in case of detecting abnormalities;
  6. Keep up good health, capacity for work and increase own life span.
How can you and the practitioner benefit from ELI-Viscero-24 Test as opposed to other diagnostic methods?

ELI-Viscero-24 Test is used within the following unique innovative diagnostics and treatment programmes:

  1. Early, preclinical disease detection (full check-up). Population screening control;
  2. Early, preclinical detection of socially significant diseases (diabetes, heart and lung diseases, cancer etc.);
  3. Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for children with chronic health conditions;
  4. Diagnostics, treatment and rehabilitation for immunecompromised persons, chronic fatigue syndrome, low-grade fever, latent viral infections, chronic autoimmune diseases;
  5. Diagnostics and treatment for patients (children and adults) with severe recurrent diseases of bones and joints;
  6. Diagnostics and treatment of severe inflammatory and degenerative eye diseases (conjuctivitis, uveitis, degenerative retina abnormalities, glaucoma, cataract). Prevention of their progression;
  7. Diagnostics and assessment of autism in children with suspected autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  
  8. Innovative regular medical check-up for children and adults based on immunity assessment .      
You can get more information about ELI-Viscero-24 Test here