CYTOTEST - The most reliable diagnostic method of food intolerance

Is there a method to diagnose food intolerance?
YES. A reliable test has been developed for the diagnosis of food intolerance. This diagnostic test is called CYTOTEST.

With CYTOTEST we can check all basic aliments of our daily diet: Cereals, meat, dairy products, eggs, oils, fruit, vegetables, beverages, spicies, fish etc.
CYTOTEST is a laboratory test, performed by specially certified laboratories. The technique is based on monitoring the reaction between the patient's white blood cells and the aliment. A small quantity of whole blood is needed for the testing.
Results are then entered in the Computer and a specific "profile" is created for each patient, defining the complete therapeutic scheme, which is very simple:
  • The therapy consists of avoiding the consumption of all aliments that cause food intolerance, as well as of aliments belonging to the same biological family, for a period that depends on the reaction degree of each aliment, as defined from the test.
  • For example, in a 2nd degree reaction, the instruction for this aliment is: "Totally forbidden for 2 months, allowed once per week on 3rd-5th month"
Such instructions are printed automatically by the computer for 123 aliments in total, for each month, during a 6-9 months period of therapy.
The quantity of food in a meal is a regular restaurant portion and the way of cooking does not affect the results!

You can have your CYTOTEST done in our DBD CENTRE.